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Hi! I'm Coach David.

Are you looking to learn tennis for fitness and fun? Want to get better results in your games?

If so, then you’re in the right place! Lessons with me focus on play-based skills development to improve your consistency, timing and technique. You will gain awareness of the many challenges in tennis and how to overcome these through greater understanding. Ideally for Beginners & Improvers or anyone open-mind for learning. The process is empowering, transformative, and just plain fun. I look forward to welcoming you on the journey!

Tennis Program

Private Lessons

Need help to improve your game fast? Get one-to-one private coaching with me to clarify motivation, identify strengths and weaknesses, create an action plan to achieve your goals.

Semi-Private Lessons

Want to learn tennis with a friend or family member? Get two-to-one coaching with me and improve your ability to have consistent rallies, serve, and play games together.

Kids Group Classes

Looking for a fun activity for your child? Create a group class with your friends or family and discover the many physical, mental, and social benefits tennis offers that can last a lifetime.

Adult Group Classes

Have you always wanted to learn tennis? Create a group class with friends or family and find out for yourself the joy of learning and playing a game that is popular around the world.

Client Testimonials

Jin Yang

His approach to beginner is amazing. I am just done with 10 duet sessions recently and I am already able to play some mini games (rallies and services) with my tennis buddy. He lets you to play right away without any complicated steps. He concentrates play first then move to pose and movements. Lessons are really fun. He also covers general game rules and current tennis news.


Aileen Lee

My 10 year old twin boys, took up private lessons with David about 6 months ago. Their tennis skills have improved tremendously and they are now much more confident in playing tournaments. David points out their weaknesses and corrects their strokes and makes them aware of their mistakes. My boys love and look forward to attend every lesson with him and are disappointed if it rains on lesson day. David has a knack of handling kids. I am looking forward to my boys playing well enough to win tournaments under his guidance.


Johnson Li​

The 2 years under David has been really fruitful! I started taking lessons from David after learning tennis for a year overseas, but I still struggled with control/consistency. David has helped me by giving me various useful drills, breaking things into multiple little steps, which overall has improved my techniques and timings, which translates to consistency. I also found David to be supportive and clear with his coaching plan.


Berit's Group

Tennis is finally making sense, thanks to David. We are a group of four who are new to the game, and we were struggling with the basics. David’s greatest strength as a teacher is explaining technique in a clear and easy to understand way. He encourages us to be our best, positively reinforcing our strengths while continuing to develop us into better players. We’re grateful to have him as our coach and excited to be playing proper matches now!


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Get Private and Group Classes!

We will get back to you within 24hrs (or less)